There is a lot mankind can learn from the innocence of children, Metropolitan Archbishop of the Latin Archdiocese of Thiruvananthapuram M. Susaipakiam has said, recalling a little exchange he had with a child.

He was addressing the participants after inaugurating the ‘Christmas Sneha Sangamam’ organised by the Shanthi Samithi here on Sunday evening.

The Archbishop said that he was trying to satiate the child’s curiosity about the moon — why it shone so, why it appeared only at night, how it waxed and waned. Many patient explanations later, child asked whether the Archbishop could reach up and fetch the moon for him.

“It’s too far away. There is no way I can get you the moon, I told him,” said the Archbishop. “But the child looked at me, shook his head and said that he will wait for his father to come home and climb up a chair and a table to pluck the moon from the sky. He was so certain. There is nothing impossible in the eyes of a child,” said Rev. Susaipakiam, urging those present to not let this endearing optimism diminish with age.

Poet B. Sugathakumari presided over the meeting held on Kerala University premises at Palayam.

Different religious leaders shared their message of communal harmony at the meeting.

Swami Sookshamanda of the Sivagiri Madhom spoke of the importance of how maintaining human relationships. “There is silence and noise. You need to do nothing to create silence. As long you do not make noise, it is present. It is the same with love and hostility. Consciously removing negative sentiments only helped in creating a peaceful society,” he said.

The event caught the spirit of Christmas with plum cake, carol singing and a festooned tree.

Kerala University Registrar Muhammed Basheer was present.