100 scholars from 18 countries are attending the seminar as part of the platinum jubilee of the University of Kerala.

As many as 100 scholars from 18 countries gathered at the international seminar on the ‘Language, philosophy and teachings of Hadith' organised here by the Department of Arabic, University of Kerala.

(The term hadith refers to reports of statements or actions of Prophet Muhammad, or of his tacit approval or criticism of something said or done in his presence.)

Inaugurating the academic session of the seminar on Wednesday, Kerala State Higher Education Council Vice-Chairman T.P. Srinivasan said that such seminars were needed to project to the world the true meaning of Islam.

Need of seminars

“Such seminars are needed to correct the prejudices about the religion that is created because of some misdirected individuals. The teachings of Prophet Muhammad are that of brotherhood and peace which gains relevance in the modern society,” he said.

“India believes in secularism and it is this factor that has determined India's relationship with the Islamic world. India has not only preached about secularism but also practices and believes in it and has been working towards maintaining cordial relationship with the Islamic world,” he said.

Speaking about the need to maintain friendly ties with the neighbouring Pakistan, he said that the only solution to the peaceful existence of both countries was to adopt the ways of brotherhood and live as friends. In order to initiate this step, the people should develop mutual trust and understanding.

Various papers will be presented at the five-day seminar. Papers on hadith literature will also be presented.

A public meet and discussion on ‘Logic, Reason and Philosophy of hadith' has been organised at the Putharikandam Maidan. Various sessions on topics such as Contribution of Indian scholars to hadith literature, Teachings of hadith, and Hadith and science will be held.

The seminar held in connection with the platinum jubilee celebrations of the University of Kerala will conclude on February 18.