Books will be distributed by the end of October: DPI

Textbooks for the second term are yet to reach the schools, even one month after the beginning of the term.

A total of 1.3 crore books for the first term, covering syllabus until November, had been distributed in the schools before June. In fact, distribution of the first set of books across the State had begun in February 15 this academic year.

However, the distribution activities of 2.6 crore books for the second term are yet to gain pace.

Director of Public Instruction (DPI) A.Shajahan said the books would be distributed in all schools by the end of October.

“The delay will not affect regular classes as there are enough portions in the first term that need to be completed. Therefore, the books have to reach the schools only by the first week of November. The books will reach school societies before October 15, from where it will be distributed at the earliest,” he said.

He told The Hindu that the books had reached 281 of the 3,325 school societies. Each school had submitted its demand online to the Kerala Books and Publication Society (KBPS) for the academic year.

A total of 3.9 crore books under 226 titles were required for the academic year, which was being printed by the KBPS and distributed by the Department of Posts.

“We had received information that the books will reach the schools by September 26. The delay is not affecting the students, as there are some lessons from the first term that need to be completed. So the first term books will be enough till the middle of October by which the second term books have to arrive,” said an official at the office of the AEO, Kaniyapuram, here