The search for 47-year-old Noushad, who went missing from near the Muthalapozhi estuary while paragliding on Monday, is still on.

According to the Kadhinamkulam police, separate teams of the Indian Navy and the Coast Guard had scoured the seas on Tuesday till 6 p.m. Though the Navy and the Coast Guard returned to their bases after dusk, several other small teams of fishermen and coastal residents on small boats were still out on the seas, with the police monitoring the situation from the shore.

Houses damaged

As for rain-related damage on Tuesday, 25 houses were damaged in Chirayinkeezhu, where one house was destroyed.

Deputy Collector (Disaster Management) B. Chandrika said a team had been despatched to Thumba South, from where complaints of inundation of some houses on the coast, possibly due to sea erosion, were raised. A report was awaited.