The city Corporation, Fire and Rescue Services, and Electricity Inspectorate will join hands to conduct safety audits in major buildings in the city.

The buildings will be assessed for structural safety. The respective departments will conduct the necessary inspections to ensure that the equipment for safety against fire and electric failures are functional.

The first such audit will be held at Government Medical College Hospital on February 29. Mayor K. Chandrika is expected to launch the initiative.

“The first venue was chosen because it is a lifeline unit, and we cannot afford to have any accidents there such as the fire that broke out in a Kolkata hospital,” R. Viji, Project Officer, City Disaster Management Cell, said.

Periodic checks needed

As per the national safety plan, the Fire and Rescue Department issues a no-objection certificate (NOC) when a building is completed. However, the department has no authority to make periodic checks to ensure that the fire and safety norms are followed in the building. “Since there is no provision for such inspection, no effort is made for periodic maintenance of the fire and safety equipment installed in buildings. Even worse, very few persons will be aware of how to use the equipment during an emergency,” Reni Lukose, Additional Division Officer, Fire and Rescue Services, said.

In case of a fire, the first few were crucial in controlling it. Hence, it became important to create awareness of using the safety equipment, he said.

Deputy Electrical Inspector K. Rajan said the inspection by his department would mainly involve checks for electrical faults in wiring and safety levels of the various electrical equipments. Awareness classes on corrections, safety procedures, and precautions would also be held.

A periodic safety audit of all the major buildings in the city would be conducted in the coming months. A detailed report of the audit would be submitted to the government.

Discussion for a flood mitigation plan was also on the cards, Ms. Viji said.