Budget sets aside Rs.85 lakh

The city will soon have a new and modernised traffic police station that will meet ISO 9001 standards in terms of infrastructure and public service delivery.

Finance Minister K.M. Mani has allocated Rs.85 lakh for the project that is expected to deliver speedy service to motorists involved in road accidents.

Often, they have to wait for hours or frequent the facility for days at a stretch to receive a general diary entry, which will enable them to claim insurance in accidents that do not involve injury or death. The proposed traffic station will have expansive lounges for citizens, a reception area, and front desk. Its computers will be linked to the database of the State Motor Vehicle Department to make legal procedures easier.

Motor vehicle inspectors will be issued palmtops.

The budgetary allocation will be used to buy modern traffic enforcement devices.

The police will also acquire more vehicles to enforce traffic regulations better. The traffic police are likely to get its own control room and surveillance camera network.

New traffic enforcement software will help enforcers identify habitual violators of norms and blacklist drivers who repeatedly endanger the safety of other road users. The police will be able to identify accident black spots and take pre-emptive action.