NATPAC trains youth volunteers in first aid, transport of accident victims

Young volunteers will be trained in road safety and related aspects under the Road Safety and Youth Leadership programme of the National Transportation Planning and Research Centre (NATPAC).

As a first step, NATPAC, in association with the Kerala Road Safety Authority, imparted training to 80 youths from Nehru Yuva Kendras in Thiruvananthapuram and Kollam districts on Monday.

The volunteers, in turn, are expected to train their friends.

Experts imparted training in first-aid and transportation of accident victims, briefed trainees on key risk factors in road accidents and their solutions and on safety aspects of two-wheelers.

Road accident statistics show that over 40 per cent of fatal accidents on the State’s roads involve people in the 20-40 age group. Of the 36,115 road accidents in the State last year, 35 per cent (12,640) involved two-wheelers.


Among the 4,107 killed on roads, 22 per cent (904 persons) were motorcyclists. “If youth are given adequate basic training in road safety, they can be made responsible road users,” says NATPAC director B.G. Sreedevi.

Faulty judgement, quest for sensation which leads to speeding, peer influence, social pressure, and inexperience were the main factors which caused accidents among youth. Drunk driving and aversion to helmets too were major factors.

NATPAC has come up with an action plan to introduce youth-friendly transport system, training and refresher courses for new drivers, and to encourage use of helmets and seatbelts.

A graduated driver licensing system is also been mooted. Under this, new drivers will not be allowed to speed on roads during night or with co-passengers.