Minister for Ports and Youth Affairs V. Surendran Pillai said on Friday that the government was considering a proposal to rehabilitate about 400 families, who are to be evicted for Thiruvananthapuram airport development from Vayyamoola, at the Muttathara sewage farm.

The Minister was speaking to The Hindu during a visit to its office here this morning.

Mr. Pillai said that the sewage farm had 120 acres not far from the airport. The sewage treatment plant would require only 20 acres. Part of the remaining land could be used for rehabilitation of the evictees and the proposed high-tech dairy.

He said that the high-tech plant would not cause any pollution affecting the neighbourhood.

He said that a request for vacant ground at Vallakkadavu for building quarters for the CISF personnel stationed at the airport was under consideration by the government.