38 dogs caught from Pappanamcode and Vettukad

A rabid stray dog went berserk in the Pappanamcode area on Tuesday morning, biting 13 people and several other dogs. Following the incident, the city Corporation’s dog catcher swung into action and caught 38 dogs in all from the Pappanamcode and Vettukad areas.

The incident occurred near the industrial estate at Pappanamcode.

The dog started biting passers-by and other dogs. The attack went on for more than an hour until the local people got together and caught it.

The dog catchers arrived later and caught 18 dogs from the industrial estate.

Eight in hospital

Eight of the 13 people who got bitten sustained deep wounds and were admitted to General Hospital.

The local people said the industrial estate area had been plagued by the stray dog menace for a long time.

“We have been facing this issue for long. The industrial area has many deserted areas and the stray dogs have turned these areas into their haven. At least 30 more dogs remain to be caught from this area. Hope, the dog catcher will return soon to catch them,” Santhosh Kumar, a resident, said.

Dog catcher Satheesh Kumar said the Vettukad area was also facing the stray dog menace. “Since the festival at the Madre de Deus Church is coming up, I had got instructions to catch all stray dogs in the area. Today, I caught 20 dogs. But at least thrice that number is still left to be caught,” Mr. Satheesh Kumar said.