A multi-crore planetarium will come up at Kavaratti, Lakshadweep, soon.

The planetarium modelled on the city-based Science and Technology Museum is aimed at wooing tourists and imparting non-formal education in science to the citizens of the island territory.

A tender evaluation committee chaired by the Director General of National Council of Science Museum identified a company based in the U.S. for installing the planetarium projection system, said G. Arul Jerald Prakash, Director-in-charge of the Kerala State Science and Technology Museum and Priyadarsini Planetarium, here. The Lakshadweep project is being implemented by the museum.

The planetarium is expected to cost around Rs.5.15 core. “We have sent a draft agreement to Lakshadweep for signing the deal. We hope to inaugurate the planetarium in six months time,” Mr. Prakash said.

According to Mr. Prakash, the planetarium in Lakshadweep will have the capability to project around two million stars. The facility will enable visitors to watch some of the natural wonders such as rainbow, solar eclipse and even an asteroid collision.

Being relatively free from pollution, the island offers a clear view of the night sky, making it an ideal location to set-up the centre.

In addition to the planetarium, the two-storeyed building will have a 3D theatre and a telescope.

Mr. Prakash, who is supervising the implementation of the project, said the museum here would design around 50 interactive exhibits to explain the basic laws of science to the visitors.