Rupture in 500-mm pipeline from Water Works campus tank

Water supply was partially disrupted on Saturday following a burst on one of the 500-mm pipelines carrying water from the Water Works campus tank to the low- level zones in the city, comprising areas including the Fort region, Kamaleswaram, Manacaud, Eenchakkal, parts of Beemapally, Poonthura and a few other areas in the southern part of the city.

The burst was detected at 9 a.m. on one of the two lines serving these areas, said Kerala Water Authority (KWA) officials. They said the interconnected second line helped reduce the impact of the disruption in supply. In fact, pumping from the Water Works campus tank was stopped only at 4 p.m. so as to enable the public to store water till normal supply was restored, a senior KWA official said.


Repair works began at 10 a.m. and were expected to be completed by 11 p.m., after which it would take a couple of hours for normal supply to be restored. ‘Water supply will be normal by Sunday morning,” KWA officials said.

Officials added that there were no major complaints from any part of the city following the burst and there were no calls to arrange water supply in tankers.

The pipe-burst had triggered rumours that there would be major shortage of water. However, KWA officials said there were no such issues and the supply was only partially affected.