The offensive on part of certain sections to force a ban on Kamal Haasan’s film Vishwaroopam displayed intolerance of the highest order, CPI(M) State secretary Pinarayi Vijayan has said.

In a statement here on Friday, he said Kamal Haasan was an artiste with very deep secular sense. It was undemocratic to dub his film as one against any religion. The people should be given the opportunity to judge for themselves whether his opinion about the film was true or not. As per the film-maker, the film carried a message of unity, Mr. Vijayan said.

The film had won the Censor Board’s certificate, in spite of which, because of complaints from certain organisations, the Tamil Nadu government had banned its screening. The matter was now before the High Court in Chennai, he said.

Efforts to whip up communal sentiments against Vishwaroopam in places such as Palakkad were ‘ill-advised,’ Mr. Vijayan said.

These efforts reflected fascist tendencies, he said adding that lovers of art and all secularists should come out against those trying to destroy a work of art by violent means.