A photo exhibition showcasing the history of the Olympics was opened at the Central Stadium on Thursday.

A visual treat, the photographs captures many memorable moments and historic feats in the Olympics.

Bob Beamon’s leap of the century, Nadia Comaneci’s perfect 10, Carl Lewis’ record fourth gold medal in Atlanta, Micheal Phelps record haul in Beijing, Abebe Bikila’s bare feet run in the 1968 Olympics are some of the key moments which have been captured in picture.

The photographs of legends such as Jesse Owens, Bob Beamon, Olga Korbut, Nadia Comaneci, Daley Thomson, Carl Lewis, Teofilo Stevensen, Lazalo Papp and the flying Dutchwomen Fanny Bankers Koen are exhibited.

The evolution of Olympics over the years has also been told through pictures. A black and white picture of the Athens Olympic stadia in 1896 hints at the humble beginning of the Olympics and some photos throw light on early competitions – such as one-arm weightlifting, bicycle races and ice hockey - which are now defunct and have given way to modern versions of these events.

The photos of all Olympians from Kerala and that of the four Keralites who will be taking part in the London Olympics are among the exhibits.

A standalone picture of Olympian Suresh Babu with a footnote ‘we miss you’ was poignant. Also exhibited were the photos of the handful of Indians who won individual medals in the Olympics.

Among it was the rare picture of Norman Pritchard, who won the country’s first medal in the Olympics. The four-day exhibition will conclude on August 29.