The idea for making his first short film came to Nishant Pillai thanks to his day job in the software industry. During his stint in Hyderabad, an incident involving a colleague rendered the first spark to start things off.

“It so happened that a particularly mischievous mail was sent out of a colleague’s laptop to a client. The contents were so damaging that she was sure of facing legal issues. But then, the real culprits who used her system to send that mail were nabbed easily because of the security measures in the local network,” says Mr. Nishant, who works with SunTec Business Solutions.

But in his short film ‘Corporate,’ which was screened to a full house at the Sree theatre on Sunday morning, the culprits are not nabbed that easily.

In fact, they almost get away with the crime and are seen plotting for their next move. The movie is set on the premise that the pressure to move up the corporate ladder leads many to resort to evil manipulations. A majority of the characters seem to be out to get each other, with an eye on the next promotion.

“My intention was not to paint the corporate world in a negative shade. It is an attempt to tell people that such things can happen anywhere. With the smart phones and Wi-Fi becoming ubiquitous, people are prone to these dangers but none of them are realising it. Another thing is, people would smile at you but would be plotting something at the same time against you,” he says.