Kerala varsity system to ensure secure, speedy authentication

The University of Kerala on Thursday launched an online document verification system (ODVS) designed to facilitate secure and speedy authentication of mark lists and certificates issued by the university.

The system is primarily aimed at individuals or organisations who wish to employ varsity alumni and who wish to authenticate documents submitted by such candidates. The system was inaugurated in Thiruvananthapuram on Thursday by Venugopal K. Nair, Director, Vigilance and Anti-Corruption Bureau. Vice Chancellor A. Jayakrishnan was present.

Those wishing to authenticate, say, a degree certificate can henceforth scan the document and upload it to the website

Once the online payment of the requisite fee is made, the university will check the document against its records and issue an online authentication for the same.

This system is expected to benefit employers located outside the country the most.

Shammem Jaleel, the director of operations of ‘’ a Madras IIT-incubated company that developed ODVS for the varsity, told The Hindu here that only designated officials of the university would be able to log on to the secure site and issue the necessary authentication.

“The designated official, after verifying the document concerned, would affix an electronic seal on the pdf version of the document and send the link to the person or organisation that sought the authentication. The identity of the person or persons who authenticated the document would also get imprinted on it. In other words, it would be next to impossible to manipulate or tamper with this process of authentication,” he explained.

The system also has the facility to pre-verify documents on request from candidates. This can then be sent to potential employers as and when required.

“Under no circumstances would a document be verified and then given directly to the candidate concerned. We are talking to companies that do the recruitment for major firms to get them to adopt our system,” Mr. Jaleel said.

Though the company would transfer the ODVS technology free of cost to the University of Kerala, it would get a portion of the Rs.1,500 that has reportedly been fixed by the university as fee for authenticating a document.

The company has also developed a similar system for Calicut University.