The Director of Health Services (DHS) has issued a statement that there is no immediate cause for panic over the reports about the detection of probable hantavirus cases in the district.

Hantavirus produces acute pulmonary syndrome or hepato-renal syndrome.

The patient who had died owing to suspected Hantavirus infection had hepato-renal syndrome and this type of infection did not spread in epidemic proportions, the statement said.

Though the Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechology found the blood sample of the deceased to be both positive for hanta as well as scrub typhus in initial IgM Elisa testing, confirmation of hantavirus will need PCR testing, which would have to be ratified further by the National Institute of Virology, Pune, the DHS statement said.

Team visit

A State surveillance team had visited the locality of the deceased and surveillance had been intensified. However, at present, there was no evidence of more people having contracted any infection, the statement said.


3 suspected hantavirus cases in KallaraJanuary 31, 2014