District Collector Biju Prabhakar has issued strict instructions for action to be taken against vehicles found moving with mounted loudspeakers.

The vehicle and the microphone set will be confiscated without prior warning this time, the Collector has specified, since many complaints have been made regarding noise pollution even after repeated warnings he has released through the media.

Loudspeakers must not be set up in public places if they cause inconvenience to the people. Those vehicles, which have obtained the necessary licences to mount loudspeakers sets, are not allowed to keep more than two boxes, the Collector says.

The permit to use loudspeakers will be issued in the name of both the loudspeaker operator and the applicant using the system. Mr. Prabhakar has said cases will be registered against the political party, candidate, or agent and the owner of the loudspeaker sets found violating the terms and conditions of their use. The system will be confiscated as well.

The directive goes on to specify that the individual in whose name the licence has been issued, the operator of the loudspeakers, and the organisers of the function where the loudspeakers have been set up, will also be liable for punishment if the systems are being used against the rules. If it is a vehicle in question, then the driver will also be held accountable.

The Collector has also informed that microphone operators will be subjected to legal action and not be issued a permit to function loudspeakers anywhere in the district thereafter. Loudspeakers are not allowed to be used after 10 p.m. and before 6 a.m. They are also not allowed to function within a 100 metre range of hospitals, courts and the zoo. Only box speakers are allowed and no more than two speakers must be contained in one box, the release adds. Loudspeaker set up for a public function must have its volume moderated so that it remains audible only for those attending the programme. The use of loudspeakers can be stopped by a police officer holding a rank no less than a sub-inspector if he or she is convinced that their prolonged usage is disrupting the peace of the locality.