Haphazard parking on the sides of main thoroughfares, including National Highways, has contributed to increase in accidents, writes G. Anand

The city police will crack down on haphazard parking of vehicles on important roads during night.

Officials say lack of adequate off-street parking facilities has forced drivers and owners to park commercial vehicles on roadside after office hours.


The main violators are owners of private educational institutions.

On weekends and holidays, citizens find that much of the carriage way on important stretches are appropriated for parking buses owned by educational institutions.

Such haphazard parking on the sides of main thoroughfares, including National and State Highways, has contributed significantly to the increase in night-time accidents in the district, the police have said.

Multi-axle trucks transporting cars to vehicle showrooms on either side of the congested Kazhakuttam-Eenchakkal National Highway bypass usurp a considerable part of the carriageway on most nights. So do earthmovers, mobile cranes, and fuel and water tankers.

Much of the road space at Thampanoor, Palayam, Bakery Junction, and several other key junctions in the city is often taken over at night by drivers of buses conducting inter-State services. The Traffic police say they will set a deadline for owners of such vehicles to find their own bus shelters or else face prosecution for impeding smooth traffic flow.