The Home Department is actively considering the creation of a new police subdivision to bring “all existing and upcoming IT campuses” in Kazhakuttam under the jurisdiction of the city police.

Officials said the headquarters of the proposed Medical College police subdivision would be in Kazhakuttam. (Currently, there are three city police sub-divisions; Cantonment, Shangumughom, and Fort). There would be a “complainant-friendly” station house facility exclusively for Technopark locality.

The police have also proposed several crime prevention methods to insulate the information technology hub of the State from possible sabotage or terrorist attacks. These include a surveillance camera network and an electronic fencing system, which will send an alert to the police in the event of a breach.

The police have proposed setting up a state-of-the-art automated visitor management system, of the type which issues temporary biometric identity cards to guests for the duration of their visit, for better access control to the facility. The police have also suggested that IT employees periodically conduct mass evacuation and fire-fighting drills. The police will station an armed commando unit in the locality.

A team headed by State Police Chief K.S. Balasubramanian and IG, Headquarters, Manoj Abraham, has proposed a cyber security centre at Technopark to monitor the Internet for divisive activities and to give the law enforcement agencies a constant technological edge over cyber criminals.

A senior official said the proposal acquired urgency in the wake of the Muzaffarnagar riots in Uttar Pradesh where miscreants had used social networking sites to spread messages that incited communal hatred.


The project, termed “Kerala Police Cyberdome,” was envisaged as a high-tech nodal centre for cyber security solutions and innovations to come up in a 5,000-sq.ft. secure facility at the IT hub.

The Cyberdome would be an online police patrol. Its officers would generate intelligence on various cyber threats in near real time and track fugitives by monitoring their online activities.