A new library, with a varied stock of 6,000 books, has been opened by the State centre of the Institution of Engineers (India) here in the city. The library was inaugurated on Sunday by the President-elect of the IEI, Ashok Basa.

The facility could be utilised by the 60,000 members of the IEI, said S.R. Vijayamohanakumar, chairman of the State centre of the IEI.

The library could also be used by engineering students, who, according to feedbacks received by the IEI, were more and more opting for a teaching profession, Mr. Basa said. This was an encouraging trend, as engineering education was going through a difficult patch due to shortage of teachers.

Engineering institutions had now realised the need to hire quality manpower by offering good salary, and thus the situation in future was poised to improve.

The IEI also had facilities to provide constant inputs to education planners and institutions, Mr Basa said. Emphasising the need for engineers to constantly update knowledge, he said the Engineering Staff College of India at Hyderabad, run by the IEI, provided training to engineers working in various Central and State government departments.

The IEI is the first professional body to start a non-formal engineering programme in the country.