The paint stains and dents in the car could be the remains of a reported collision with a bus a few days ago.

A car was found in an abandoned condition near the Muttathara Service Cooperative Bank on Thursday. Though the police managed to trace the owner, there appears to be more to it than meets the eye.

V. Saji Kumar, sub-inspector, Fort, said the owner had been traced on Thursday itself, the car being registered in the name of a woman at Jagathy.

She had come to claim the car, saying her son had taken it out, but had little idea how the vehicle had turned up near the bank or about the knife found inside it. As for the bloodstains and collision marks on the car, with paint stains, apparently from another car, on it, the police said the woman had stated that her son, Arun Anand, reportedly helped to take to hospital one of his friends who was involved in an accident. The paint stains and dents could be the remains of a reported collision with a bus a few days ago.


However, the police said this version was yet to be ascertained, and could be confirmed only after Arun, absconding as of now, was taken into custody.

Meanwhile, based on the woman’s statement that her son had taken out the car and a complaint lodged by a person, Mahesh, staying near the spot where the car was found, the police believe that Arun, along with his friends, one of them Deepu Dutt, who was arrested earlier this week and let off on bail and also on earlier occasions, had reached Muttathara late Wednesday. There, they allegedly threatened Mahesh in connection with a previous enmity.

However, where the friends went after that, how the car was involved in what appears to be an accident, and how the bloodstains appeared there remain unknown.

The Fort police, who have shifted the car to the Fort police station, have registered a case against Arun, Deepu, and other identifiable persons for threatening Mahesh, and have launched a hunt for them. Mr. Saji Kumar said forensic experts collected samples from the car, primarily to verify the bloodstains. Efforts were on to find out whether the car was involved in any accident reported in other stations since Wednesday.