State issues order; pay scale will have retrospective effect from January 1, 2013

The government has issued final orders enhancing the pay scales of employees in private hospitals in Kerala.

The enhanced pay scales will have retrospective effect from January 1, 2013.

As per the new order, employees in private hospitals in the modern medicine, Ayurveda, Homeo sectors, dispensaries, pharmacies, scanning centres, diagnostic labs, ambulance services in the private sector, will get enhanced pay, Labour Minister Shibu Baby John said.

New scales

The lowest basic pay as per the new scale will be 7825- 160- 8625- 175- 9500 and the highest will be 10,000- 200- 11,000- 220- 12,100.

The basic pay of nurses with BSc Nursing degree will be 8975- 180- 9875- 200- 10875 and those with GNM qualification will be 8725- 175- 9600- 195- 10,575.

Along with basic pay, employees will get a dearness allowance of Rs.26.65 for every point above 200 points on the Consumer Price Index published for districts, the Minister said.


In every institution, for every employee who has completed five years of service, new increment as per the new rate will have to be given for every five-year service period, as weightage.

The wage structure was revised by categorising hospitals in six divisions on the basis of the number of beds. Accordingly, hospitals with beds from 1 to 20 will come in Category 1; 21 to 100 in Category 2; 101 to 300 in Category 3; 301 to 500 in Category 4; 501 to 800 in Category 5 and those with beds above 801 will come in Category 6. Employees in Category 2 hospitals will get five per cent of their basic pay as additional allowance; those in Category 3 will get 12 per cent of basic; those in Category 5, 20 per cent of basic and those in Category 6, 30 per cent of basic pay as additional allowance.

B.Sc. Nurses in Category 3 hospitals will get Rs.750; those in Category 4 and Category 5 will get Rs.850 and those in Category 6 hospitals will get Rs.1,250 as special allowance.

GNM nurses will get a special allowance of Rs.500, Rs.600, and Rs.900 in the respective categories.