Outlay goes up to Rs.10 crore from last year’s Rs.4 crore

At a press meet after the budget presentation, Mayor K. Chandrika was asked about the most harrowing civic problem the Corporation faced. “Waste management,” her response came in a jiffy.

The priority seemed clear. However, decentralised waste management projects announced last year were listed in this year’s budget as well.

But, the budget is marginally more generous this year as a waste management programme with an outlay of Rs.10 crore has been included (it was Rs.4 crore last year). The sub-points refer to setting up high-capacity biogas plants at 68 locations and at health centres and schools under the civic body’s control, ‘Pattoor-model’ composting systems at eight places, and portable bio-bin composting plants to be set up with the help of residents’ associations.


Apart from the bio-bin system, the other schemes were announced almost a year ago but the implementation got delayed since sanctions from government bodies such as the Suchitwa Mission were pending. Deputy Mayor G. Happy Kumar said that since most of the paperwork was over, the plants could be set up as soon as next month.

The Corporation has also earmarked Rs.3 crore for an e-waste processing centre given that such waste products are on the rise. But, Mr. Happy Kumar was doubtful about a local body having the authority to implement such a scheme.

Plastic menace

Plastic shredding machines will be set up at 10 locations at a cost of Rs.70 lakh. The two set up at Palayam almost two years ago is still lying defunct. To set up paper-bag making units by Kudumbasree workers, Rs.25 lakh has been earmarked.

A home nursing programme for the elderly gets Rs.10 lakh. Palliative care scheme will be extended to all wards.

The Corporation will carry out the Animal Birth Control (ABC) programme on stray dogs at the Njandoorkonam and Thiruvallam veterinary hospitals immediately. It is finalising an agreement with the veterinary college at Pookode for the services of a mobile keyhole surgery unit. For the two schemes, Rs.50 lakh has been allocated.

Ms. Chandrika also made a plea for an amendment of the Supreme Court rule that prohibited culling of dogs.

Development of slaughterhouses in the city has been carried over from last year, with the same allocation of Rs.4 crore.

The Corporation has set aside Rs.20 lakh for the installation of a digital radiography machine at the Nemom hospital and Rs.1 crore for infrastructure development of health centres.