Another seriously injured in incident in Ward 9 of General Hospital

Manilal, 50, housed in Ward 9 of the General Hospital here, turned violent and attacked two fellow patients, killing one and grievously injuring another.

Krishnan, 52, and Sudhershanan, 50, the victims, were rushed to the Government Medical College Hospital (MCH) here. Krishan succumbed to injuries early Thursday.

Sudhershanan continued to be in a serious condition. The police said the incident occurred at 8 p.m. on Wednesday.

A nurse, on duty then, said she and others heard shrill cries from the ward. They rushed to the ward and saw Manilal standing on the chest of Krishnan.

Sudhershanan was on the floor and gasping for breath, she said.

The nurses, with the help of security guards, managed to isolate Manilal and took the injured to the MCH.

The police and local panchayat members had brought Manilal to the General Hospital in February after he was found loitering in the Madathra area.

He was an ‘alcoholic’ and had shown signs of mental distress then, sources said. He recovered by March.

After he showed signs of recovery, the hospital authorities tried to persuade the police to take him back to Madathra but they refused to do so, hospital sources said.

On a complaint by the Medical Superintendent of the hospital, the Cantonment police registered a case of murder and arrested Manilal. The police said the doctors had certified the accused as ‘not mentally sound.’

On interrogation, Manilal did not give any reason for assaulting the two, the police said.

Inquiry sought

V. Sivankutty, MLA, sought a probe into the incident.

He accused the government of not addressing the requirements of the hospital. The incident could have been averted if the ward had adequate security staff, he said.

Proper segregation of patients, on the basis of their health, was needed.

Those with mental disorder should not be housed with others, he said.

The ward was established in 1900 to treat the destitute.