From cooking to IT, a wide range at social science fair

Students and teachers carrying multi-coloured craft paper, planks of wood and tools, food ingredients and kerosene stoves… The campus of the Government Higher Secondary School for Girls, Cotton Hill, the venue of the Thiruvananthapuram revenue district school social science fair, was bustling with activity from Tuesday morning.

There was a staggering range of categories in which students could compete. It seemed every single art and trade was being dabbled on by students of lower and upper primary, high school and higher secondary sections.

The fair was inaugurated on Tuesday, with work experience and information technology-related events in the spotlight.

“For the broad subject of work experience alone, we have around 35 events, including moulding plaster of paris and clay, horticulture, beading, making volleyball nets, and umbrellas,” said an organiser.

Within hours, the main auditorium, corridors and classrooms of the institution turned into an exhibition centre of expertly made products by schoolchildren. Archana, 10, from Thonnackal, sat leaning against a pillar in the auditorium, pleased with her two wooden creations. “I was the only girl at the sub-district stage,” she claims proudly. She learnt to make benches from her father who is a carpenter. Sawing and chopping bits of wood is no trouble for her little hands.

IT events

Away from the din in the auditorium is the quieter IT labs, where digital painting, IT project, Malayalam typing, web designing and multimedia presentations were being organised by the IT@School. “Whatever topic or challenge we throw at them, they effortlessly produce professional results,” said District Coordinator K.K. Sajeev, indicating a ‘Kerala Tourism’ website created by a high school student.

A few teachers and students were, however, displeased with the way the fair was organised. Sree Sarada Devi Sisuvihar UPS, near the Cotton Hill school, was the venue of a few events. “For the culinary programme held at the school, students are allotted three hours to make a buffet from local produce. Some were given rickety benches and had to stoop throughout,” said a teacher of a city school. The mathematics, social science and science events and the valedictory function will be held on Wednesday. Health Minister V.S. Sivakumar will distribute the prizes.