Liquor manufacturers lend the names of their brands to products such as apple juice, soda, etc., writes G. Anand

The Excise Department has warned liquor companies of action if they indirectly promoted the sale of their brands through surrogate advertisements this Onam.

Officials said that in order to circumvent the law, liquor and beer companies often lent the name of their popular brands to products such as apple juice, t-shirts, mineral water, soda, and cut glassware. However, may of the products that carry the trade name of the liquor brands are rarely available in the market. Liquor companies often competed with one another to promote their brands through surrogate advertisements during festivals.

Officials found that several bar hotels in the district had placed advertisements promoting a particular brand of beer last season.

They booked a few licensees on the charge of putting up large and excessively illuminated boards advertising their bar facility.


Sources said it was a common practice of several bar managements in the district to offer incentives, such as one-peg measure of liquor free for every two purchased, Promoting the sale of liquor was against the law and such practices constituted its violation, they said.


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