There were some pleasant surprises for Deputy Speaker N. Sakthan when he interacted with children at the Summer School organised by the State Central Library here on Friday.

A child asked him: “What is the government’s stand on the city’s garbage crisis?” He said the problem lay in the fact that all the waste generated in the city was being dumped in one particular area. If four to five small areas were identified for dumping waste, the problem could be solved to some extent.

Asked about Vilappilsala panchayat president Shobhana Kumari, Mr. Sakthan said she was a Gandhian who chose the way of non-violence to fight for people’s cause. He said that it was on his advice that she went on fasting against the garbage treatment plant in the panchayat. He said he would have prevented the plant from coming up if he were the MLA that time.

He said it was the responsibility of the city corporation to plan for effective waste management and the government would extend possible financial help for that.

The children did not forget to ask about the power cuts and water shortage in the city.

Expressing happiness about the civic sense displayed by the children, he said it indicated a positive change.

The Summer School, which began on April 8, will go on till May 8. Guest speakers from various fields are invited to interact with the children. Field trips and lectures on subjects like cinema are the other activities planned for the coming days.