After his 10—second film and SMS stories, Kerala’s miniature artist Sathar Adhoor has come out with a collection of poems and short stories in English, which he claims is the smallest ever literary work published in the world.

Titled ‘50:50’ as half the collection are poems and as much short stories, the book is 1.5 cm X 1.3 cm in dimension and weighs just 800mg.

According to Mr. Sathar, just a single ‘A4’ sheet of paper was enough for one copy of the 4mm thick book, running into 100 pages.

“This is going to set a world record since it is the shortest book ever made with the lowest use of paper,” Mr. Sathar told PTI.

An ardent votary of the ‘small is beautiful’ concept, Mr. Sathar said the smaller an artistic work, the greater would be its impact.

“This or any other earlier works of me were not born out of the eagerness to set records. I am confident of putting my experiences in a terse and condensed way without losing their force, charm or emotional appeal,” he said.

Mr. Sathar first tried his passion for small creative works by making a 10—second film titled ‘The Man’ It depicted the moral dilemma of a man whether to crush or let go an ant which creeps into his hand.

The film was followed by a collection 101 SMS stories and 101 SMS poems.

Mr. Sathar’s next project is an even smaller book to be titled as ‘20:20’.