The Kerala Congress group led by P.C. Thomas will seek its share of positions in government and its agencies at the next meeting of the Left Democratic Front (LDF) State committee, slated to be held here on July 27.

Its demands would, however, be fine-tuned after informal bilateral discussions with LDF constituents.

The party had earlier made an unsuccessful bid for a ministerial berth. So, it is cautious about making another bid. The party's State committee, which met here on Saturday, decided that the view of the constituents should be elicited through bilateral talks. Then, it should seek a discussion of the matter in the LDF committee.

The party is angling for at least a few directorships in public sector corporations and also for a nominee in the Public Service Commission.

Party leader V. Surendran Pillai denied reports that the State committee had decided to press for a ministerial berth. Mr. Pillai is the only member of the Kerala Congress (Thomas) group in the Assembly.