A lecture-demonstration series organised by the Travancore School of Kalaripayattu and the Public Education Department of the government has given a new lease of life to the ancient martial art form of Kalaripayattu.

Following the success of the programme, titled ‘Health and confidence through Kalaripayattu,’ in various schools, the Kerala State Youth Welfare Board has joined hands with the institute to conduct similar sessions in colleges.

The first such college-level programme got under way at Government College for Women on Monday. It was inaugurated by Youth Welfare Board vice-chairman P.S. Prasanth. Papers exploring the origin and evolution of the art and its role at present were presented.

A press release issued by the institute said the plan was to conduct the classes in one college in a district.

G. Radhakrishnan, secretary and troupe leader of the martial arts school, led a 12-member group during the demonstration.

Aiming to revive Kalaripayattu by teaching the youth the basic principles of the art and its various benefits, both physical and mental, the school has staged performances in 20 schools. It has been conducting regular classes for free in two schools since the start of the academic year.