After ‘Poojappura Chapattis,’ it is jail-made idli that is going to tickle the taste buds of the city residents.

Speaking to The Hindu, Jail Superintendent B. Pradeep said that the authorities were planning to launch the sale of idli, sambar and chutney combo, produced at the Sub-Jail at Poojappura.

“The idli prepared at the Sub-Jail will be distributed to the outlets through the three mobile units that are at present supplying chapatti to various parts of the city. An idli-making unit has already been introduced in the Sub-Jail and by next week, along with chapattis, idlis and curry will be available at all outlets,” he said.

New chapatti outlet

Meanwhile, a new outlet to sell ‘Poojappura Chapattis’ was opened on the Ayurveda College campus in the city on Friday.

Actor-writer Murali Gopy inaugurated the outlet, which is the third one selling chapattis and curry, the other two being at the Central Prison, Poojappura, and the Women’s Prison, Attakulangara.

The new outlet will be open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. A packet of five chapattis with chicken curry will cost Rs.30. Chapattis-vegetable curry combo will cost Rs.20. There will also be sale of 50-gm chapattis, each of which will cost Rs.3.

“We have introduced a third chapatti-making unit at the Central Prison to cater to the growing demands,” the Jail Superintendent said.

The automated chapatti-making machine introduced in the jail in April, 2011, churns out approximately 2,000 chapattis in about two hours.

More than 100 inmates are involved in this process. With increasing demand, a commercial launch was made in November, 2011.