A special preview and release of five films on climate change will be the highlight of the World Environment Day celebrations, organised by the Association of British Scholars, in association with the YMCA, the British High Commission, the National Geographic channel, and the British Council, here on June 5.

Named ‘Five Scripts, One Plot: Solutions for Climate Change Challenges,' the package of short video films focusses on mitigating climate change, with special focus on water and energy. Directed by the winners of the UK Environment Film Fellowships 2010, they will be screened on the National Geographic channel.

‘Wheeling in Change,' a film directed by Nina Subramani, focusses on the lifestyle changes adopted by the people of Bangalore to mitigate emissions.

‘Notes from a Green City,' by Madhyama Subramaniam, features the successful reforms introduced by the Surat municipal corporation to mitigate climate change.

Bishnu Dev Halder and Jitendra Adappa have joined hands to make ‘Blocks of Green,' a film that explains how existing buildings can be made more eco-friendly. It looks at the challenges and the costs and benefits of going green.

‘Melting Paradise,' a joint venture by Vijay Bedi and Ajay Bedi, features the glaciers and wetlands of Jammu and Kashmir. The film lays stress on the conservation of water resources as a mitigation strategy against climate change.

‘The Miracle Water Village' by Rintu Thomas and Sushmit Ghosh offers an insight into the groundwater conservation strategy adopted by the villagers of Hilware Bazar. It offers these strategies as a replicable model for water-stressed regions.

Director Shyamaprasad is scheduled to release the films, produced by the British Council. The former chairman of the Pollution Control Board Rajmohan will inaugurate the World Environment Day celebrations. Madhyama Subramaniam will introduce the films and interact with students.