‘Embrace medical profession with pride and joy'

Science, with its immense developments in technology, has an arrogance that it is invincible. But all this knowledge humbles before an unknown power and it is this humility that young medical graduates should understand and imbibe first, Chief Secretary K. Jayakumar has said.

He was addressing young medical graduates at the Medical College Hospital, Thiruvananthapuram, at the Endowment Awards ceremony here on Thursday. The endowment awards were instituted by the College PTA.

“Your knowledge should humble you. But at the same time, you should go out to serve society, armed with self-confidence and firmly holding on to your values,” Mr. Jayakumar said.

The opportunities and lucrative options awaiting today's youngsters as they complete their studies are immense. Though money is important, the lure of money should never make a young doctor forget that his life should be dedicated to the health and well-being of those around him, he said.

“The patient sitting before you reposes so much faith in you. Your attitude should not mar the flow of knowledge from you,” the Chief Secretary said. Recognition, fame, wealth, and foreign assignments will all come on its own if young doctors did their duty, with total dedication, he added.

Selfless service

Aswathi Tirunal Gouri Lakshmi Bayi, member of the ruling family of erstwhile Travancore, inaugurated the ceremony. A medical student achieves true success when he selflessly services society, she said. The human body and mind with its immense complexities, was posing newer challenges by the day to the medical profession, she added.

Additional Director-General of Police B. Sandhya, addressing students, told them to embrace their profession with pride and joy, which alone will help them excel (in their field) and find true happiness in life, she added.

Medical College Principal Ramdas Pisharody pointed out that Medicine was not just a science, it had a humane and artistic side, which students should explore. Knowledge alone did not make a good doctor, it was the way in which he communicated with his patients and understood them, which was more important.

“As you go out of the portals of this institution, be a good human being first, before being a doctor,” Dr. Pisharody told his students.