More number of fever cases have been reported in the district with the intensifying of the monsoon.

However, most of the cases are a combination of viral fever with upper respiratory infection, which should cure by itself with proper rest and adequate fluids, the district health administration officials said. Nearly 10,000 fever cases were reported on a daily average basis from the district in the past few days . All taluk hospitals have a huge patient load in the OP clinics. The Nedumangad taluk hospital alone has nearly 2,000 OP cases in a day now.

The district health officials have sought assistance from the Medical College to provide the services of a few house surgeons for various institutions in the district. The huge case load in taluk hospitals was owing to the lack of services in peripheral health care institutions, it is pointed out. “Peripheral institutions often have only one or two doctors and people decide to go directly to taluk hospitals as there are more doctors there. Unless the services available in peripheral institutions are strengthened, the taluk hospitals would remain overcrowded,” a Health official said.