Firm responds to EoI for ‘Solar City’

It is Earth Day and it is fitting that a project that envisions a city switching over to clean green energy is showing signs of life. A Mumbai-based company has come forward in response to the Expression of Interest (EoI) invited by the city Corporation last month to create a masterplan for the ‘Solar City’ project. In October 2012, the Corporation Council had decided on the formation of a Solar City Cell and a Stakeholder Committee will meet this month to confirm the selection of the company to carry out the detailed study.

Funded by Centre

Funded by the Union Ministry for New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), the processes involved in getting the benefits of the programme have moved in Thiruvananthapuram at a sluggish pace, especially considering that the majority of the 48 cities chosen for the programme had employed consultants over a year ago and are on the verge of completing the masterplan. This company is one among the empanelment of consultancy organisations for the development of the solar city programme approved by the MNRE. Since the company already has this essential qualification, handing over responsibility of conducting the study and then the masterplan, would be minus hassles, according to a Corporation official.

“Once the masterplan is prepared, it will be submitted to the Union government for approval. It is only after this step that a Detailed Project Report, listing specific projects that can be carried out in the city would be formulated,” the official said, adding that all types of renewable energy projects would be looked into. With the Corporation handling power bills that are escalating alarmingly by the year and the fact that the fee of Rs. 10 lakh for preparing the masterplan will be borne entirely by the MNRE means a welcome initiative for the civic body. Similar to the solar project completed at the Poojapura jail, the eventual DPR will suggest similar measures. Streetlights and public parks would be lit and run on solar power, the official said.

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