Sensitisation programme to help differently abled commuters at Thiruvananthapuram Central

A sensitisation programme involving non-governmental organisations was organised for the railway staff to help differently abled commuters who arrive at Thriuvananthapuram Central, which is being upgraded as a world-class station.

Braille without Borders, National Association for the Blind, and Chakshumathi, an NGO working for empowering the visually challenged, joined hands with Railways to arrange the programme for frontline personnel and commuters.

Experts from Braille without Borders organised an interactive session and took classes on the platform.

The organisation had developed a method to enlighten the staff through practical sessions such as ‘blindfolded assignment’ and ‘wheelchair assignment.’

The railway staff were divided into groups and provided guidance by volunteers from the NGOs.

The staff got a feel of the difficulties faced by the differently abled.

Later, the participants shared their experience and volunteered to help the differently abled arriving at the station.

One of the components in upgrading Thriuvananthapuram Central into a world class station is creating appropriate amenities to facilitate access for the differently abled, including senior citizens and children.

Additional Divisional Railway Manager V. Rajeevan said the suggestions of the NGOs would be implemented at the railway stations in a phased manner.