To be moved to three quarries first; protest brewing in Chengottukonam

The State government has finalised a plan of action for depositing garbage in about 20 quarries — both government-owned and private — in and around the city.

Minister for Urban Affairs Manjalamkuzhy Ali told The Hindu here on Wednesday that the movement of garbage to three quarries in the city would, in all likelihood, commence in two days. Mr. Ali, at a meeting with Mayor K. Chandrika and top police officials, is reported to have asked for the deployment of the Corporation’s contingent workers for the movement of garbage to quarries.

“The government will ensure that there is no ecological damage in the area where the quarries are located. It is not as though we are going to dump garbage in one quarry on a permanent basis. One quarry may be used for three months or so. A sanitary landfill will be done and we will move on to the next quarry,” Mr. Ali said.

Meanwhile, protest is already brewing in Chengottukonam where one quarry has reportedly been identified by the government for depositing garbage. Kattayikkonam councillor G. Vinod told The Hindu that the local people would never allow garbage to be dumped in the quarry in the area.

“The water in the quarry is being used by people who live nearby. Some time ago, when a villa was sought to be constructed near the quarry, water jetted out of the ground when the earth was dug. The construction was abandoned. Also, the propaganda that the quarry is full of mosquitoes is false. On Thursday morning, local people will assemble to prevent anyone from reaching the quarry,” he said.

The Mayor said here that the Mr. Vinod had briefed her on the simmering protest in his ward. “Obviously I cannot ask him to go against the wishes of the local people. I have also told Mr. Ali that I will not interfere to either temper or stop the protest in Vinod’s ward,” she added.