‘Yatramitr’ can be downloaded free of cost at www.yatramitr.com.

An app (a small, specialised program downloaded onto mobile devices) for women’s safety, developed by three youths, is being launched on Saturday, International Women’s Day.

Yatramitr, conceived and developed by Sooraj S. Nair, Nadeer Mohammed and Summayya M. Sharief and executed by Teknika Solutions, may be downloaded free (www.yatramitr.com).

The developers are alumni of Marian Engineering College, Thiruvananthapuram. The team also roped in the services of Lal Prakash, an IT professional.

“The theme for the 2014 Women’s Day is: inspiring change. Allaying safety fears among women is a major step towards empowering them and changing their lives. We hope that large sections of women will make use of the free app that we offer,” says Mr. Nair, chief executive officer of Teknika Solutions.

The Dynamic GPS and GPRS-based Android (from version 3.0) app is built with a security option that will constantly trace the user’s location. This is constantly updated on the support page of the website. Through the site, family members or friends may track the location in real time by entering the user’s mobile number and password. Use of the website is offered free.

The user may also enter in the app the number of the vehicle she is travelling in and the information may be downloaded from the site.

Users may add the names of three friends, family members or security groups each, and alert them in an emergency situation via a ‘Panic/Danger’ button. The contacts will be alerted through pre-set messages.

“The idea for the app emerged from my own experience. I mostly work on the second shift and leave office after 9 p.m. My parents were always worried whether I reached the hostel safely. After we developed the app, my mum would check it on the website and heave a sigh of relief,” says Ms. Sharief, a data analyst with a Bangalore firm.

The app may also prevent the user from being fleeced by autorickshaw drivers. It has a Dynamic GPS and GPRS-based auto-fare calculator. The app tells where the user is being driven to, checks the distance travelled and reveals the fare. It acts as a guard against faulty or tampered meters. The app displays alternatives for the routes that could be taken. Not only does it display the route, but also helps you calculate the distance and rate beforehand.

The Android application provides the user the option of entering ‘from’ and ‘to’ location. The app is enabled with features such as auto-identify the current location and offer suggestions. The user’s current location will be traced using GPS. Once the user enters the details, the application will provide an ideal route along with the alternative routes.

The app also offers information on police stations, bus stands, railway stations, hospitals and restaurants.