Charity Club at Pattom school helps needy students fare well in academics

Every joyous occasion, be it a birthday or a festival, when they get some pocket money, the students of the GovernmentModel Higher Secondary School for Girls, Pattom, deposit at least a part of it in a small white box placed at the school office.

For they know, their contribution will help one of their needy friends get a new book or other stationery


The students of the school have decided to take this year's goal—academic excellence—seriously.

A Charity Club was launched in the school recently with the aim of supporting and helping students to attain maximum results in the academic field.

Besides contributing money, the students are utilising their free time to help the academically backward students with their studies.


“We have been able to collect Rs.830 so far. In another case, we were able to help a friend receive good treatment,” said C.M. Alka, a member of the club.

There are five to six members in each class and we help academically backward students with their studies during intervals and sometimes after class, added Alka.

“It's an initiative to help the needy students and educate our pupils about the needs and difficulties of others. The club will try to identify the difficulties faced by students and to come out with solutions to them so that they no longer pose any impediment to the students' studies,” said N. RetnaKumar, school Principal.


“Every rupee donated by the students will be used to help the needy. Through this the students also develop compassion for others and understand each others' problems,” said Rekha Potti, a teacher.

As an encouragement to their initiative, the students received the first donation—a sum of Rs.10,000 by the director of Chand Academy, K.G.C. Nair.

Books and stationery were distributed at the launch function.