On the first day of the Left Democratic Front (LDF)’s siege of the Secretariat, blocked roads left Thiruvananthapuram office-goers to the mercy of chance.

The question of chance was perhaps what weighed most on the minds of people who came to the city on Monday, on work, business, or medical treatment.

On the first day of the Left Democratic Front (LDF)’s siege of the Secretariat, the police first and protestors then, blocked roads. Vehicles were barred from entering the Palayam-Secretariat stretch.

But, that did not stop the authorities of the CSI Christ Church, Palayam, from holding a wedding ceremony for a family from Kuwait.

“The ceremony was held at the church as per schedule. It was over by noon. However, only half the number of expected guests turned up as it was difficult for people to reach the venue,” church sexton K.C. Thomas said.

But not all were as lucky. The protesters refused to allow any vehicle to pass through the University College-Secretariat stretch. Most of the business and commercial establishments here remained closed and two-wheeler riders who took the road had to turn back after being stopped by protesters.

Commuters faced difficulties as KSRTC and private buses were diverted by the police.

Autorickshaw drivers were also not happy but some managed to make some quick money by ferrying protesters to hotels and other venues.

“Many passengers wanted to go to Pattom but we were stopped at Palayam. I could hardly earn any money today. Even ambulances are avoiding this side,” said R. Chandran, an autorickshaw driver.