An exhibition of photographs showcasing the role of Finance Minister K.M. Mani in the political and socio-economic landscapes of the State was held at VJT Hall on Monday.

The show was part of a seminar on the 12 Budgets Mr. Mani had presented.

The exhibition, organised by Yuvasree, a centre for the development of youth and culture, featured images captured by professional and amateur photographers on different occasions. It sketched his career as a politician — right from the days he forayed into politics to the Finance Minister that he is today.

In the journey, Mr. Mani is seen sharing frames with many politicians and leaders.

Part of the series is the images of a young K.M. Mani taking oath as MLA. Then, there are a large number of photographs of Mr. Mani presenting Budgets, starting with his first in 1976. In another frame, he is seen talking to Indira Gandhi. Group photographs taken during his days at Sacred Heart’s College, Thevara, are also on display.

Mr. Mani said such exhibitions would help one look back and recollect the past.