Forest and Housing Minister Benoy Viswom said here on Thursday that the dwelling places of poor people should not be converted into dumping yards of industries.

Inaugurating an e-waste management campaign launched by Artin Dynamics Controls Private Ltd. at Technopark, Mr. Viswom said that electronics and information technology (IT) industries must take a sensitive approach when dealing with issues of e-waste management.

“e-waste management is a serious issue to be taken up by the industries in this sector. But remember that it should not be at the cost of the lives of the poor that you address this issue,” he said.

The Minister said that although, at one time, the IT industry was perceived as a pollution-free industry, now society had come to understand that there was a great possibility of pollution in this sector.

“The issues of pollution and waste management should appeal to everybody who is concerned about the future of Earth,” he said.

Artin Dynamics has taken up the e-waste management campaign as part of its second anniversary celebrations in association with Earth Sense Recycle Private Ltd, a company working in the area of e-waste management and recycling.

A spokesperson of Artin Dynamics said that as part of the campaign, waste boxes would be kept in front of offices of every company in Technopark to collect used electrical and computer items.

The boxes would later be handed over to Earth Sense for recycling at the end of the week-long campaign.

Speaking on “Significance of e-waste management,” John Robert, chief executive officer of Earth Sense, said that e-waste today was growing three times faster than other waste.

“e-waste in its raw form is not hazardous as such. It is when it is recycled that toxic substances seep into the environment. So, we need to follow strict guidelines and formalities while recycling e-waste,” Mr. Robert said.

K.C. Chandrashekharan Nair, Chief Functional Officer, Technopark, and Nelvin Joseph, chief executive officer of Artin Dynamics, spoke.