The essence and objective of education in India has to change so as to encourage Indians to stay in the country, the former NCERT director J.S. Rajput has said.

Inaugurating the 30th anniversary celebrations of the Bharathiya Vichara Kendram here on Saturday, Mr. Rajput said all education systems across the globe had their inspiration from Indian culture. Education, as such, should be one conveying the message of universal brotherhood, which was the only way in which real India could be understood and led along the path of development. The current crisis faced by world nations could be tackled only if people first understood their own country and the ethos, he said.

Vichara Kendram director P. Parameswaran said the government’s stance on the Kumaranasan Memorial and the Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple were such that the State’s cultural heritage was threatened. A seminar on women and environment followed the session.