SIEP publication covers major eco studies and concerns

The State Institute of Encyclopaedic Publications (SIEP) is bringing out an Encyclopaedia on Environmental Sciences on the occasion of World Environment Day on June 5. The encyclopaedia is a collection of articles on ecology, and environment-related issues.

The articles have been compiled by eminent writers and activists, who are involved in ongoing environmental movements, a statement released by SIEP said. Major areas of ecological studies such as pollution, extinction, biodiversity, international treaties and laws, environmental disasters, movements, theories, global warming, plastics and hazardous wastes, UN and environmental issues, deforestation, desertification, famine, etc. have been included in the book.

Environmental concerns such as global warming, pesticides, natural disasters, factors effecting rainforests, endangered species, energy crisis, environmental discrimination, sustainable development and technology have also been covered in the book.

From the basics

The encyclopaedia gives an in-depth introduction to environmental science by providing a framework of basic terminology and topics to help the reader understand environment in general and how the human population has affected it, the statement said.

“Although it is impossible for any single text to discuss all the events affecting the environment or to present the most current information about each topic, this book serves as an excellent tool for developing a working knowledge of basic environmental topics,” the statement said.

It can serve as a reference tool for students, teachers, and researchers who wish to get a better understanding of concerns scientists have about the global environment, it added.

This is the third subject encyclopaedia to be brought out by SIEP. In 2010-11 the institute had published two subject encyclopaedias — Encyclopaedia of Astronomy and Encyclopaedia of Evolution. The Encyclopaedia of Environmental Sciences will be released by Cultural Affairs Minister K.C. Joseph on June 13 by handing over a copy to environmental activist Kallan Pokkudan.