More people have been seeking treatment for diarrhoea at the Pulluvila Community Health Centre, giving rise to serious concerns that contaminated water could be the source of cholera, which was confirmed in a person at Puthiyathura near Pulluvila recently. Only one case of cholera has been confirmed so far but as on Wednesday, 12 people have sought treatment for diarrhoea, all of which are being treated as suspected cholera cases. At present, five persons are being treated as in-patients at Pulluvila CHC while the rest were treated in the OP clinic and sent home with medication. The results of the water samples collected from the wells in the area are yet to come in. However, two persons who sought treatment for diarrhoea on Wednesday has reported that they fell sick after drinking lime juice from a shop in the locality, more or less confirming that the water might have been contaminated.

Health Department officials said they were focusing on creating more awareness among those running shops and eateries that food and water needed to be handled carefully as any mistakes could result in large number of people falling ill all at once.

Minister’s visit

Revenue Minister Adoor Prakash visited Puthiyathura on Wednesday along with a team of senior officials to review the activities of health workers in the area. Health workers have been asked to collect information regarding those who seek treatment for diarrhoea in private health clinics also.


Preventive steps on at PuthiyathuraOctober 2, 2012