Swami Agnivesh's prescription that dialogue is the only way to deal with the Naxalite violence in some States is simplistic and only selectively applicable, P. Parameswaran, Director of the Bharatiya Vichara Kendram, has said.

In a press note here on Sunday, he said extremist elements supported by external anti-India agencies were out to destabilise the nation and spread separatism. But there were people who had genuine grievances, neglected by successive governments, with the fruits of developments remaining just a dream for them. Many times, they unwittingly fell into the trap of anti-national forces. They and the extremists had to be seen differently.

Not the only solution

He said dialogue was undoubtedly one of the strategies but not the only solution for Naxalite violence.

“Indian polity, from ancient times, has prescribed a four-fold approach in such complex situations: ‘Sama' (dialogue), ‘Dana' (offering gifts), ‘Bheda' (divide the opposing forces), and ‘Danda' (crush by force). The rulers have to judiciously combine the four to achieve the maximum benefit,” he said.

Mr. Parameswaran said “Raja Dharma” was not the same as “Sanyasi Dharma.” If Swami Agnivesh was a genuine “Sanyasi,” let him not dabble in politics but follow the path of real “Sanyasa.”

Let him leave politics to politicians. If he continued to mix the two, he would become suspect in the eyes of all.