Dengue stings district deep


Call to eliminate all sources of stagnant water

Dengue fever has reached explosive proportions in the district and continues to be the one communicable disease that defies all prevention and control measures.

The district registered a total of 1,053 confirmed cases of dengue fever since January this year, according to reports from 104 public health institutions and a few major private hospitals in the city.

Never before has the case burden gone up so high before the setting in of the monsoon when dengue cases are naturally expected to increase.

Senior Health officials said except dengue, all other communicable diseases in the district were well under control. Fever wards have been opened in all hospitals, with 19 community health centres and seven primary health centres working round-the-clock.

They said the public’s clear lack of understanding about the manner in which the dengue-causing mosquito proliferated and continuing apathy towards systematic source-reduction activities within individual homes were the primary reasons for dengue fever reaching such proportions. Dengue vector breeds only in clean, stagnant water and even a small bottle cap or an eggshell with water is enough for the Aedes species to breed. Aedes is a peri-domestic mosquito and hence source reduction should start by eliminating all indoor sources of stagnant water like refrigerator and air conditioner drip trays, ‘lucky bamboo’ vases, and water trays beneath indoor potted plants.

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