The Kerala State Council for Science, Technology, and Environment executive vice-chairman V.N. Rajashekharan Pillai has regretted the degeneration of the education system from one that was focused on ‘text-context’ correlation to one that emphasised on ‘tests and contests.’

Delivering a lecture on ‘Education reconstruction in a dynamic society,’ organised by Kerala Gandhi Smaraka Nidhi here on Thursday to mark the birth centenary of Gandhian M.P. Manmadhan, Dr. Pillai said education should be value-based in order to uphold the Gandhian concept of ‘holistic education for mankind.’

Education for life

Textbooks only formed a skeleton of the learning process. Only learning through life experiences could make it comprehensive. ‘Learning to unlearn’ was an effective way of ridding individuals of their prejudices and ensuring progress, he said.

Emphasising on the Gandhian concept of ‘education for life, education through life, and education throughout life,’ Dr. Pillai said the present academic scene, plagued by a mad rush for degrees, did not bring into play the idea of ‘education through life.’