In a daylight robbery in Attingal town on Saturday, three masked men tied up the staff of a financial institution and decamped with gold ornaments and Rs.5.75 lakh in cash.

According to Attingal Deputy Superintendent of Police R. Prathapan Nair, the theft was reported from Popular Finances, located opposite the Attingal Sub-treasury, at 9 a.m. The police said two men approached the sweeper who had just opened the building, and asked her when the manager would arrive. They suddenly grabbed her hands from behind, stuffed her mouth with a piece of cloth and tied her up. A third person joined the duo soon. The manager who reached the office by then met with the same treatment. In another 15 minutes, two other female staff of the institution too were similarly gagged, tied up, and thrown on the floor along with the other two.

The men, who were wearing masks and one reportedly armed with a knife, took the locker keys from the staff and stuffed their bag with about 1.5 kg of gold ornaments, leaving behind some, apart from taking Rs.5.75 lakh in cash. The police said they escaped on a two-wheeler.

The police are examining CCTV visuals available on the financial institution’s security system.

According to Mr. Prathapan Nair, the men were seen removing their masks for a brief period. Television visual grabs and sketches made accordingly were being released for the public to identify the three.

A case has been registered by the Attingal police.