Plan to spread entrepreneurship initiatives among arts, science, and agriculture students.

Professional colleges across the State have been witnessing a wave of entrepreneurship over the past few years, thanks to incubation initiatives supported by the government, private companies, and individual colleges.

But this wave is yet to hit arts, literature, science, fine arts and law colleges in the State.

A group of students from the College of Engineering, Trivandrum (CET), under the banner of ‘Creative Rebel’ is organising a conference aimed at spreading this wave on other campuses too.

On March 2, as many as 200 select students from 45 colleges will come together at Technopark to brainstorm on the way forward in youth entrepreneurship in the State.

“The professional colleges now have a well-set system wherein students who pass out of the institutions are going ahead and starting their own companies. But this trend has not been replicated in areas beyond technology. If we can spread this idea to other colleges, we can have interesting initiatives in arts, science, agriculture and other sectors,” says Raqib Rasheed, one of the brains behind the initiative. Structured into three main events under the subjects, media, agriculture and art, the first edition of Creative Rebel will have personalities such as scientist M.S. Swaminathan, journalists K. Sasikumar and Jeemon Jacob, artist Riyas Komu, writer Sarah Joseph, bureaucrat Aruna Sundararajan, and others, participating.

“A lot of sidelining seems to have happened on our campus scenario through the usage of ‘professional courses’ for the past years, the result of which is the un-intentioned neglect towards other subjects,”said Sanid MTP, general convener.Students say the concept has already been well received in the colleges and the students from Agricultural University, Vellayani, have already come up to organise one of the main events. The event done on the platform of the social enterprise The People’s Company is endorsed by the Department of Cultural Affairs and the KSIDC.